Changes now, changes later

March 14, 2022

Good afternoon Rady Friends,

Life is getting warmer.

This past weekend, we turned our clocks forward. Spring is on our doorsteps. And with it comes longer days, wetter weather, and changes for the better.

Here at Rady, we continue to make adjustments and add new fitness amenities and group class options, creating a stronger overall membership experience. Our arts and cultural programs for people of all ages and backgrounds continue to thrive. This past weekend, we welcomed over 350 people to our community Purim carnival, bringing life back into this building after so long.

As we wind down our successful Music ‘N’ Mavens concert and speaker series, we are ramping up planning for many new and exciting events. Mark your calendars for our community-wide Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration on May 5 as well as our two-week Winnipeg International Jewish Film Festival, kicking off on May 14.

Tomorrow marks another big change for our province. And unless you’ve been completely cut off from the news, you know what this change will be. Masks will no longer be mandatory in public venues unless otherwise stated.

As we informed you two weeks ago, Rady will not implement this change. We will still require masks to be worn at all times while at our facility except while engaging in physical activity. While we are embracing change, we are not ready to embrace this change – yet.

Please know that the time will come when masks will indeed no longer be required to be worn here at the Rady. And this time could be soon; it’s just not right now. But this is our ultimate goal. This change will come.

We continue to assess this policy and are in regular communication with our medical consultants. The health and safety of Rady members, staff, and volunteers remains our highest priority.

So yes, spring has arrived, and changes are coming. Some now, some later. And while we may have to use more washer fluid or change our shoes a couple extra times a day, it’s a welcome reprieve from the winter we just endured.

Stay dry.

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC