Membership Policies


Welcome to the Rose and Max Rady Jewish Community Centre. We know that you will enjoy the broad array of programs offered at the Rady JCC ‚ cultural, fitness, health, and much more.

Your Membership Card

Membership cards should be carried at all times and be used to swipe in when entering the building and at the Membership Services area. The membership card is also needed to access the lockers in the change rooms.Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when at the Rady JCC. The second floor fitness area is for members 13 years and older unless training with a Personal Trainer or registered in a program. (Persons of 13 years old must complete a fitness orientation and have parent approval by way of a signed waiver)

Membership cards are not transferable. Please contact Membership Services immediately if your card is lost, damaged or stolen. A $10 fee will be charged to cover the cost of replacing the card. Card must be returned if membership is no longer active.

Program Registration

Members benefit from being able to register for programs and services earlier than the general public and receive the discounted member rate as long as the person participating in the program is included in the membership unit.

All programs are appropriately limited in size to provide maximum benefit to all participants. The Rady JCC reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient registration.


We require appropriate attire in all areas of the facility. Full dress attire (including shirts & shoes) is to be worn in all areas except the locker rooms and pool deck. We reserve the right to determine what is appropriate clothing.

For safety, proper indoor footwear must be worn in the physical activity spaces. For safety reasons, please do not wear open-toed shoes or sandals on the track, in weight equipment areas, in the fitness studios, or in the gym. In the gym and fitness studios please do not wear hard or black soled shoes that could leave marks.

To keep the JCC clean, please do not wear outside footwear in any of the activity spaces.

Clothing or a towel wrapped around you is required when sitting in the lounge areas within the locker rooms.


Free Parking is available across from the main entrance of the Asper Jewish Community Campus while using the Rady JCC facilities and services. Parking is video monitored. Please display your Rady JCC parking pass in your vehicle. You will need to replace your parking pass every year, please see Membership Services starting in early September for your replacement pass.

Saturday Prepayments

Goods and Services are not sold on Saturdays out of respect for the Sabbath, or on Jewish holidays. Please remember to purchase gust passes or pay for rental of towels and equipment in advance. Service will not be provided until new payment has been done.

Changes in Fees, Programs, Schedules, Policies and Hours of Operation

Fees, programs, schedules, policies and hours of operation are subject to change without prior notice. You will be given 30 days notice in the event of a change in membership fees. The Rady JCC reserves the right to amend policies as deemed necessary.


For everyone’s comfort, the Asper Campus is designated as a smoke-free environment.


We do not take messages for members. The Rady JCC does not have a centralized paging system. In the event of an emergency message, we will attempt to locate you.


Telephones are available for member use in the lounge area of each locker room, the lounge area outside locker rooms and the youth lounge. In consideration of others who may be waiting to use the telephone, please limit the length of your calls to a maximum of three minutes.

Stroller Parking

Please leave strollers outside of the locker rooms, as they do not have the space capacity to accommodate them. They can be left in the designated stroller parking space beside the family locker room.

Outside Personal Trainers / Instructors

Rady JCC Personal Trainers are qualified professionals with extensive training. In order to ensure consistency and safety, independent personal trainers / instructors who are not Rady JCC staff are not permitted to use our facilities for professional purposes.

No Solicitation

No solicitation is permitted within the Rady JCC for the purpose of selling goods or services.

Lost and Found

Lost items may be reclaimed at the Membership Services area. Articles are held until the end of the month before they are given to charity.

Kashrut Policy

Because the Rady JCC is meeting place for Jews of all religious affiliations and practices, all food served in the building must be kosher (prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws).

Changing Your Address, Phone Number, Name, etc.

Please contact Membership Services if you have a new address, e-mail, phone number, or have a change for your name or in your medical condition. As well, contact Membership Services if you need to change your membership Services if you need to change your membership category or payment method.

Service Charges

A service charge will be charged in the event that a payment is returned due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, unavailable credit line or similar circumstances.

Use of Perfume / Cologne

Please extend consideration to the members who are allergic or sensitive to perfumes and other scents. Please refrain from using / wearing these products while at the Rady JCC.

Children Under the Age of 12

Children under the age of 12 may use noodles and mats in the large pool with parental supervision. Lifeguards have the right to regulate lap lane uses, the number of people in the pool and the behaviour of these people. An adult must accompany children under the age of 12 at all times.


Rady JCC extends membership privileges to members of other Jewish Community Centres who are visiting the Winnipeg area. If you travel outside of Winnipeg, most of the Jewish Community Centres across North America will honour your Rady JCC membership for a period of time. Don’t forget to carry your membership card with you when visiting other cities.

Current members of other Jewish Community Centres who move to the Winnipeg area may receive membership privileges for three months or until the expiration date of their original membership, whichever comes first.