Aquatics Information

Lap & Leisure Pool Schedules:
November 14 – December 4


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Important Rady Pool Usage Changes 

Booking times for both lap swimming and using the leisure pool are no longer a requirement. This means that members may use the both the lap and leisure pools as they wish during available times.

With this said, please note the Rady JCC’s current lap swim policies and rules will be as follows:

  • During Rady swim lessons, there will be at least one lane available for lap swim while the leisure pool will remain closed
  • At times, lap swimmers may be required to share a lane
  • Lane One (1) is designated as Rady’s mobility-challenged lane and mobility challenged person(s) will be given priority to use this lane

Please note the Rady JCC’s current policies for children:

Parents must be within arms reach in the pool following these ratios:

  • Children 5 years old & younger: 1:4
  • Children 6 & 7: 1:6
  • Children 8 & older: Must have parent/guardian on pool deck
  • There is no exception to this rule

Children who do not meet the 1.3 metre height requirement at the shoulder and cannot pass the swim assessment will be required to wear a personal floatation device (exceptions may be made based on the discretion of the lifeguard on duty)


Finally, we remind you that all Rady JCC policies and procedures must be respected at all times. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any of our staff, lifeguards, and fellow members. Failure to abide by any of Rady JCC’s policies may result in loss of swim privileges

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