Proof of Full Vaccination Required to Enter Rady Facility Beginning Friday

September 1, 2021

Good morning Rady Friends,

Beginning this Friday, September 3, all Rady members must be able to show official proof of full vaccination in order to enter the Rady JCC. This coincides with the provincial government’s new public health orders requiring proof of full vaccination in order to enter fitness centres.

At the main entrance to the Rady and separate from the check-in/check-out desk, we will have a dedicated vaccination desk set up for members to visit first. Members will be required to show vaccination proof by way of a government-issued COVID-19 vaccination card or electronic QR code as well as a piece of government issued photo identification.

Once members do this once and their full vaccinations are verified, their user profiles will be updated in our system saying so. They will also receive ‘fully vaccinated’ stickers on their member IDs. Members will then proceed to the check-in desk to enter the Rady.

Please note that members will only have to be verified for full vaccinations once. From that point on, they will be able to come and go directly to the check-in and check-out desk without having to go through that process again.

If members are unable to receive full vaccination status due to medical reasons, they must produce an official doctor’s note satisfactory to the Rady JCC stating so. Members who are not fully vaccinated or refuse to divulge this information will be barred from entering the Rady.

Finally, we remind you that masks will continue to be mandatory while at the Rady JCC. This includes in locker rooms, on the pool deck, and on the fitness floor. Members with underlying health conditions or who may be concerned about mask-wearing medical risks should refrain from strenuous exercises while at the Rady. Masks must be worn properly.

Warm regards,

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC