We’re Waiting for You with Anticipation

June 16, 2021

Good morning Rady JCC Friends,

This weekend is the summer solstice, the day our sun travels the longest path through the sky, giving us our brightest and longest daylight of the year.

Personally, I am taking this time to remind myself to celebrate the warmth and lasting light of the sun as well as the light within each of us. There has never been a more appropriate time to do so.

We’ve lived through some very dark days since this pandemic began. Here at the Rady, our doors have closed three times now, and the impact has been felt throughout our Rady community and beyond. While our physical lights here went out, our spirit never dimmed.

The constant light of your support for the Rady continued and continues to shine, giving us hope for when we will be able to safely welcome you back here once again. And I am hopeful this day will be here soon.

As you know, from day-one, we have followed all provincial health orders and restrictions and have always done everything with your health and well-being top-of-mind. With that said, we are optimistic that in the coming month we will be allowed to reopen at limited capacity. And when we are able to do so, we will be ready to do so – safely.

Please know that if our closure becomes prolonged into July, we will contact our members to discuss their options regarding their memberships moving forward. For now, we are busy preparing our facility should we be allowed to turn the lights on here once again, lighting the path back home to Rady.

The longest day of the year is here. And it looks like it’s going to be a bright one.

Enjoy the summer solstice and see you soon.

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC