Day by Day, Week by Week, Month by Month

November 16, 2020

Good afternoon Rady Friends,

Believe it or not, the day will come when we can all look back and remember how it was to live through this pandemic. It may be hard to imagine now, but we will get there.

We need to take things day by day, week by week, month by month.

As you know, last week we were mandated by the province to close our facility in order to do our part to help curb this pandemic. While we are hopeful this will be shorter than our 91-day closure this past summer, we will not know for a while.

All we can do is take things day by day, week by week, month by month.

When our doors are locked, we suffer. We suffer from the unknown of what is coming and how long it will take us all to get there. What we do know is that every day that will pass, every week that will go by, and every month that will run out, we will suffer from increased membership losses.

So now, we are making a plea to you, our members. During this time of uncertainty, our ultimate hope is that you consider converting your December membership payments into donations to the Rady. For those who have memberships paid in full, we ask that you consider making a donation.

Though our facility is shut down and we have greatly reduced our overhead including mass layoffs to staff, many of our normal operating expenses remain. Your gift of one month’s membership dues will greatly assist us right now as we all work together to get through the pandemic.

If you choose to convert your payments during our closure into donations, you will be issued a charitable donation receipt in full. Please contact us directly at 204.477.7510 if you are wishing to do so.

Let’s work together and approach this day by day, week by week, month by month. Then we will all be able to look back and remember the actions we took during these unprecedented times.

Thank you for your consideration.

Stay safe,

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC