Rady JCC Updated Mask Policy

October 19, 2020

Good afternoon Rady Friends,

The continued safety and wellbeing of our members, staff, and volunteers are the reasons why we make every decision and implement every restriction here at the Rady. Since our reopening this summer, our members have been outstanding at adhering to our temporary rules in effect.

We continue to remind members that masks are required while entering and exiting the Rady facility as well as all times while in locker rooms except while showering. Masks are not required while in the pool. When required, please ensure that masks are worn properly.

Beginning Tuesday, October 20, masks will now be required in specific areas on the fitness floor while optional in other areas. This decision has been made after careful consultation with a medical professional to ensure mandatory mask wearing in specific areas would be safe to do so.

Masks will be required while:

• Using strength machines
• Using free weights
• Doing lighter floor excercises/while stretching

Masks will be optional while:

• Using all cardio machines
• During strenuous physical activity
• On the Rady track

To ensure no confusion on the fitness floor, signs have been placed on machines and in areas. Please adhere to these during your visit here:

It is also important to practice proper mask hygiene while on the fitness floor. Please be sure to:

  • Sanitize hands every time mask is put on or taken off
  • Never place mask directly on machines while not being worn
  • Remove mask only when safe to do so at proper distance of six feet from anyone else

Make no mistake: we are all living through trying times right now. It is imperative that we must all do our parts to ensure our continued safety while enjoying the times we spend here at Rady.

Warm regards,

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC