26.2 Miles

July 16, 2020

Dear Rady JCC Friends,

Have you ever run a marathon?

During this grueling 26.2-mile race, there are checkpoints along the way. They are in place for you to be able to regroup, reflect on the race so far, and fuel up, preparing for the next leg.

Make no mistake, marathons are long. They are tough, seemingly impossible to complete. But with proper planning, training, and set goals established, you can be successful.

Here at Rady, when we reopened our doors on June 15, our race began. Were we nervous? Of course. Were we aware of what we were facing ahead? Yes. And we were ready.

At the end of each week since, we’ve hit our set checkpoints. With every added amenity or class, another checkpoint is reached. We continue to look back and assess how we are racing and adjust accordingly to better ourselves as we stride ahead.

Have we struggled at times? Sure. Felt overwhelmed? Of course. But we persevered and continue to so. And we can because of who we have on our sideline, cheering us on; giving us water when we need it; pushing us to keep going: our members.

Today, I am excited to tell you that we will hit our next checkpoint on Tuesday, August 4. This is the day our men’s and women’s locker rooms will reopen for you with physical distancing measures in place. This is just one more checkpoint along this journey. Get ready – this one is big.

We also have a checkpoint to reopen our showers on this date as well. We are currently assessing this to ensure proper cleaning measures will be in place in order to safely add this amenity.

To our members – thank you for being our support system during this monumental race. Thank you for staying with us as we pace ourselves, mile by mile, working toward our goal.

See you at the finish line.

Warm regards,

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC

One more thing!

Earlier this summer, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba rolled out the first and second stages of its three-stage COVID-19 emergency grants. These grants are earmarked for Jewish organizations facing hardships due to the pandemic. The Rady is proud to be a grant recipient for both stages.

Earlier this week, The Winnipeg Foundation announced the allocation of $8.9 million in Stabilization Grants to 279 Winnipeg charities, meant to support the short- and medium-term financial needs of local charities affected by revenue loss and unexpected expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We here at the Rady JCC were honoured to be one of these recipients.

Thank you to both the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba and The Winnipeg Foundation for your ongoing support and leadership during these unprecedented times.