COUNTDOWN TO RADY REOPENING – Rady Virtual Connect Wind Down

June 3, 2020

Dear Rady JCC Friends,

From now until our reopening on Monday, June 15, 2020, we plan to provide you with ongoing information on everything you will need to know for your eventual return. Today, our focus will be on our Rady JCC Virtual Connect digital platform established at the onset of this pandemic and what our plans are for virtual content moving forward.

Rady JCC Virtual Connect was established for one reason – for the Rady JCC to be here for you while you couldn’t be at the Rady. Through our breadth of regularly updated digital content, hundreds of our members continued to engage with us online while we had to close our physical doors.

Many of our Rady fitness instructors and trainers volunteered their time at their homes to either host live fitness classes or record daily workouts, meditations, and stretches for you. When asked to help out, they didn’t even hesitate. Their common response was always the same – they are part of the Rady family along with our members and during these difficult times family should be together.

Through Virtual Connect, on Passover we learned how to make incredible foods and on Yom Ha’atzmaut our creative sides came out as generations took part in a local Israeli Flag design competition in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. We enjoyed fascinating programming from right here in our own community to across the planet.

Even as the world became more and more isolated, our Rady community seemed to be closer than ever.

Now, we are about to write a new chapter in the Rady history book as we prepare for our June 15 reopening. While we are extremely excited to welcome you all back to our facility, we understand there are many who are not yet comfortable to return. With that in mind, we are not planning on shutting down Rady JCC Virtual Connect. Instead, we will be gradually winding it down with less and less content leading into the fall. For those who want to take some additional time away from us, we will still be there for you, online and ready to engage.

On behalf of the Rady JCC Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers, thank you to everyone who took time to provide content for Rady JCC Virtual Connect.

And thank you to our members – our Rady family – for engaging with us during this pandemic.

See you soon.

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s communication: ‘COUNTDOWN TO RADY REOPENING – The New Rady Experience’