Rady JCC Receives Prestigious Community Service Award

November 19, 2019

His Worship Brian Bowman presents the City of Winnipeg Community Service Award to Rady JCC President Lindsay Sawyer Fay

The Rady JCC received the prestigious Community Service Award by His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman and the City of Winnipeg in a lunch hour ceremony at City Hall Tuesday afternoon.

The award was in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the YMHA/Rady JCC as an “exemplary organization whose excellent leadership in the field of community services is gratefully appreciated”.

“It is truly humbling to have been recognized by Mayor Bowman and the City of Winnipeg. The Rady JCC remains dedicated and committed to the community that it serves”, added Rob Berkowits, Rady JCC Executive Director.

The award given to the Rady JCC is the 281st City of Winnipeg Community Service Award. The award was established by the Mayors Office in the 1950’s.