Izzy Asper Jazz Performances Welcomes New Producer

November 26, 2018

The Asper Foundation and the Rady Jewish Community Centre are pleased to announce that Charlene Diehl will become Producer of the Izzy Asper Jazz Performances on January 1, 2019.  Ms. Diehl comes from a very diverse cultural and arts background including involvement with the jazz series.   Bev Aronovitch has served as Producer of the series since the 2005-2006 season.

Jeff Morry, Senior Program Manager of The Asper Foundation, commented, “We are excited to welcome Charlene as our new series’ Producer.  Her experience is well-suited to our series and we are very confident she will continue to maintain its high level of excellence.”

Gail Asper, President of The Asper Foundation, noted, “Bev Aronovitch has been a superb series’ producer for an astounding 14 seasons.  We owe her a debt of gratitude for her incredible teamwork in making the Izzy Asper Jazz Performances one of Winnipeg’s top year-round jazz events.  Along with the Rady Jewish Community Centre which delivers the series and our Artistic Advisor Derrick Gardner, we could not have asked for better partners.  Bev’s professionalism, attention to detail, warmth, friendship and, above all, love of jazz have made Winnipeg’s cultural and music scene that much richer.”

Bev Aronovitch remarked, “It has been a great honour and tremendous pleasure to serve as the Producer of this series for the past 14 years. The late Izzy Asper has given us a phenomenal gift by establishing this series to bring the best jazz artists in the world to Winnipeg . The success of the series was made possible thanks to the fantastic staff at the Rady JCC and the unflinching support of Jeff Morry and Moe Levy of The Asper Foundation. I am very excited to welcome Charlene Diehl as my successor.  I know she will do an amazing job!”

Tamar Barr, Assistant Executive Director of the Rady JCC, commented, “The Rady JCC is thrilled to be partners with The Asper Foundation in presenting the Izzy Asper Jazz Performances for the last 20 years. As a leading arts and cultural provider, the Rady JCC is welcoming the opportunity to work with Charlene Diehl in her new role as the Producer of this distinguished and highly-regarded music series.  The Rady JCC is very appreciative to Bev Aronovitch for her long-standing commitment, passion and efforts in producing the best in jazz that Winnipeg has to offer in her role with the Izzy Asper Jazz Performances for the last 14 years.”

Charlene Diehl, commented, “I have been soaking up great music at the Izzy Asper Jazz Performances for over a dozen years, and it’s both an honour and a delight to become the new Producer of the series. Bev Aronovitch has set a terrific example and has been so helpful as I learn the ropes. I look forward to working with Derrick Gardner and the Rady Jewish Community Centre to bring many more seasons of fabulous jazz to this city!”

The Izzy Asper Jazz Performances is celebrating its 20th season.  Almost 70,000 people have attended 348 performances of 118 acts with over 400 international jazz artists which have earned consistently excellent reviews from audiences and critics.

The Asper Foundation was established in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1983 to build upon the philanthropic objectives of Dr. Israel Asper and the Asper family.  It undertakes and develops major initiatives in the areas of Jewish charity as well as culture, education, community development and human rights locally, nationally and internationally.

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