New Equipment Videos

April 3, 2018

We recently introduced brand new equipment to the fitness experience here at Rady JCC. Many of the pieces are cutting edge and designed with space in mind, allowing us to reduce crowding, particularly in the free weights area.

Please request assistance from one of our fitness staff when trying something for the first time. For now, please view video demonstrations below.


Here’s a circuit with golf specific training exercises:

Here’s a general fitness circuit (skip to 38 seconds):

S-Drive (Treadmill)

Power Hack Squat

Cybex Chest Press

Cybex Overhead Press

Cybex Ab Crunch

Cybex Back Extension

Cybex Ab/Adduction

Posterior Stretch

Anterior Stretch

Horizontal Leg Press

Leg Extension

Seated Leg Curl

Lying Leg Curl

Total Hip

Pec/Rear Delt Combo

Abdominal Rotation

Tricep Isolator

Bicep Isolator

Assisted Dip/Pull Up

Glute & Ham Raise

Reverse Hyperextension