We are caring

December 15, 2017

Noah Rice found a second home at Rady JCC’s Kaufman Child Care Centre.

“I enrolled Noah in the Kaufman Child Care Centre when he was two years old,” Noah’s mom, Brynn Rice, says.

“I entrusted him to Eleonora and her staff and I’m grateful for the loving care and guidance they provide him on a daily basis.”

When Noah graduated from the Kaufman Child Care Centre, Brynn struggled to find a suitable school that offered after school care– until they found Rady JCC offered programming through Brock Corydon.

“I felt a sigh of relief to learn that the Rady offered a new program there and they were my first call,” Brynn adds. “Not only did they welcome Noah into the program, they made sure that his transition to the new centre was a positive one. Eleonora and her team have been amazing partners every step of the way.”

The biggest benefit for Brynn is seeing Noah’s growth over the last few years, thanks to Rady JCC child care staff and the education they provide.

“They take the time to ensure that each child is viewed on an individual level, with their own strengths, personalities and needs,” Brynn boasts.

“Noah has learned so much and continues to share with me the activities and learnings he has been fortunate to get from the centre.”

Brynn said her trust in the Rady JCC child care staff has helped ease the stressors of being a single parent as well.

“Not only has the centre been there to support Noah through his journey, they have continuously provided support and guidance to me as a parent as well. I’m grateful.”