We are our future – Bailey Hurtig

December 14, 2017

Children and youth represent our community’s future.

The Rady JCC is the place where our children and teens come together, developing their own sense of community.

Developing leadership skills, forming meaningful friendships, being active and giving back to the community are the cornerstone of the Rady JCC’s teen programs. From BBYO, Teen Connect, Teens as Leaders, Maccabi Games, our sports, fitness and recreational programs, Rady JCC provide a variety of ways for teen to feel a part of the JCC and the community.

The Rady JCC reaches the largest number of Jewish teens in Winnipeg.

One teen who is benefitting from the Rady JCC teen programming is Bailey Hurtig, who has been a part of the JCC as long as she can remember.

Bailey, starting with her grandparents, have given back to the community. Bailey is now starting her own journey to become a leader through her involvement with BBYO – a teen program of the Rady JCC.

“I have been here since I was in daycare… I always participated in the summer day camps as well as swimming lessons,” Bailey said. “I like to meet my family and friends and work out. It is such a welcoming place to be and I’m happy I can call it my second home.”

Bailey has now taken the next step in her personal growth with Rady JCC’s BBYO program. BBYO is the world’s leading Jewish youth movement, open to students in grades 9–12. The Red River Region is facilitated by the Rady JCC.

“When I had the opportunity to join BBYO I did it right away because I thought it looked like fun and it is a great way to connect with your Jewish identity,” Bailey said.

Bailey said it really can change lives, providing her with the leadership skills she will use throughout her life and helping instill Bailey with a sense of a responsibility for her community.

“Being part of BBYO allows me to be a strong part of something. It allows me to be a leader in our community. BBYO is a great way to prepare for the future.

“By having some responsibilities, it motivates you to get your work done because, without everyone’s efforts, our region wouldn’t exist.”

When asked to name the greatest benefit she’s gained from her BBYO experience, Bailey had trouble pinning down one specifically.

“I guess my favourite part about BBYO is that everyone’s accepted no matter what and it’s a place where everyone can feel safe to say whatever they are feeling,” Bailey adds.