We are where age is just a number

December 14, 2017

Age is just a number.

Esther Shuster recently turned 84 years old – but her connection to Rady keeps her young.

Esther is a long-time member of the Rady JCC’s Stay Young program, the Shalom Singers Choral Group and a past volunteer.

“The Stay Young program and the choir group are a big part of my life. I’m very sad if I ever miss it,” Esther says of her weekly visits to Rady JCC. “I’ve been active all my life. Why change at 84? The only day I’m home is Monday. Staying busy is my secret, and the Rady is a part of that.”

Esther has never taken the easy road. A single mother to five children, she still lives independently in her North End apartment and makes the commute to Rady JCC once a week.

“Why stay home in an empty apartment?” Esther asks. “I enjoy coming, the connection is important.”

Marshall Shuster, one of Esther’s sons, agrees.

“For her to get here every week is really important,” Marshall adds. “For years she volunteered, was there every year with Folklorama, and now she enjoys the people and the community.

“She still makes sure she shows up once a year to watch Folklorama, and is active as she can be. It’s a great, safe community,” Marshall says.

The Rady JCC’s Stay Young Club is designed to enhance older adults’ quality of life through social, cultural and wellness programs. The club meets on Tuesdays.