Rabbis to Rebels

This lecture series will follow the transformation of European Jews from the ideals of the traditional religious society to modern, secular, and revolutionary ones. From rabbis and women of valour to rebels and modern artists.  We will examine short stories by authors writing in Yiddish, Hebrew, English, German, and other non-Jewish languages, encompassing the breadth of Jewish history, culture, and life experiences spanning from early 19th century to the Hoocaust and beyond.

Students will be sent one story to read for each lecture. These are the stories to be covered:

Lecture 1: Nahman of Breslov “The Rabbi’s Son”
Lecture 2: I. L. Peretz “If Not Higher”
Lecture 3: Sholem Aleichem “Yoseph”
Lecture 4: Fradl Shtok “Shorn Hair”
Lecture 5: I. B. Singer “Gimpl the Fool”
Lecture 6: Mikolaj Greenberg and Post-Yiddish

Dr. Itay Zutra was born and raised in Israel. After receiving his PhD in modern Yiddish literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, he became the I. L. Pertz teaching fellow at the Universty of Manitoba where he teaches Yiddish language and literature, Hebrew, and modern Jewish studies. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Dr. Zutra writes the Yiddish column for the Winnipeg Jewish Post, leads the Yiddish Reading Group at the Gwen Secter, lectures about Yiddish culture to the wider local and international community.


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