Put a Yid On It – Festival of New Yiddish Culture


Put a Yid on It! Festival of New Yiddish Culture

(Carrying the Flame of Yiddish Culture into the Future!)

The language of our ancestors remains ‘written in our bones’ and is a part of our unconscious lives. It’s hard to imagine that only 80 years ago eleven million people spoke, wrote, sang, and dreamt in this 1000-year-old language! As any Yiddishist will tell you it is wrong (if not totally heresy) to say Yiddish is dying. It is alive and well!

In this festival you’ll see great works of Yiddish art – from some of the great gems of the Yiddish cinema of the 1930’s to Yiddish hip hop which moves Yiddish into a living, breathing present tense with its joy and creativity!

And the best part is that you do not need to speak a word of Yiddish to enjoy every bit of this festival!

The festival would not be possible without the support of The Asper Foundation, Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, I.L. Peretz Folk School Endowment Trust, Jewish Federation of Winnipeg and West End Cultural Centre.

Lineup of Events

Festival Brochure

Classic 107 Interview With Shira Newman, Festival Director