Fitness Clinics

Join Rady Fitness Instructors each month for complimentary clinics geared toward a variety of fitness goals! Learn how you can get more out of your workouts and see lasting results. Keep an eye on our e-newsletter for exact dates and times each month.

September: Reformer Pilates

The goal of Pilates is optimal biomechanical movement of the body. This incorporates a vast amount of core work and balance. Come learn about Pilates and what the experts recommend as “must do” exercises for all.

October: Balance

Inadequate balance is a major risk for falls and it is never too early or too late to work on fall prevention! This clinic includes a balance training sequence for all fitness levels.

November: Functional Fitness

What is functional fitness? Learn about functional movement training and get a great total body workout targeting strength, movement patterns, coordination and balance.

December: TRX Workout

The TRX is a versatile piece of equipment friendly to all fitness levels. This month you will take home a full body strength workout that can all be done on the TRX.

January: BOSU Workout

A BOSU ball is a great way to add some stability training to some already familiar exercises. This month’s clinic will go over a workout using the BOSU ball, with an emphasis on core and balance.

February: Exercise For Heart Month

February is heart month. This month we will go over some of the various cardiovascular machines available in the fitness centre and discuss optimal ways of training for heart health.