Fitness Clinics

Join Rady Fitness Instructors each month for complimentary clinics geared toward a variety of fitness goals! Learn how you can get more out of your workouts and see lasting results. Keep an eye on our e-newsletter for exact dates and times each month.

April: Runner’s Training Guide

Training for distance running entails a lot more than just going for runs. This clinic looks at training techniques that help to improve stamina and maintain muscle mobility and flexibility.

May: Kinesis

The kinesis can offer a full body workout that is gentle on the joints and emphasizes functional training, core stability and developing movement patterns. This clinic will offer a new set of exercises to ramp up your strength training routine.

June: Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common concern among exercisers. This clinic will look at exercises that are commonly done incorrectly which can lead to low back pain as well as reviewing some exercises that help to reduce low back pain.

July/August: Outdoor Classes

Throughout the summer months we will be offering a variety of our group fitness classes outdoors. Don’t forget to pack a hat and water so we can enjoy the weather and your favorite fitness classes.