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Imagine a place where the sun is always shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers always in bloom.

Here the cuddles are on tap, wonder is in abundance, and each visit feels like a new adventure out of your favourite story book.

Welcome babies, to Lullaland!

Grownups, you can rest assured that the bedrock of every adventure is to encourage the rapid development of your baby in their first year. From promoting eye tracking to nailing their pincer grip, and much much more. Our classes softly encourage these essential skills through wonder and play.

This is not a place where you will sing the same old nursery rhymes over and over again. Our adventures change from week to week, so it never feels like a bad case of déjà vu. What can you expect? We’ll swim under the sea, play in the Olympics, and rock out like rockstars, that is if we don’t get caught in a construction play zone along the way!

We use lights, sounds, music, textures and more to draw your little one into this exciting world of newness and wonder. Your baby goes through a lot in their first year of life, but so do you! While their brains are doubling in size, adjusting to your new role can feel extraordinary, emotional and straight up confusing all at once. Let us lighten the load.

Lullaland is a place to help you connect with like – minded grownups who are passionate about getting the first year right, just like you.

Let us look after your baby’s development once a week while you sit back, relax, and go on an adventure together. Your only worry will be capturing great snaps along the way!

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