Familiar Faces Variety Series

Jewish geography – we’ve all played it from time to time. The age-old question of ‘how do you know so-and-so from our community?’ is something we’ve both posed and been asked. There’s no mistaking it, our Jewish community is made up of familiar faces!

The Rady Jewish Community Centre and the Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre at Syd Glow Place are thrilled to present a brand-new free virtual variety series featuring various members of our Jewish community. Each week, we will feature a new showcase for you to enjoy from the comfort and safety of your home. We’ve got singers, dancers, and comedians who will wow you, leaving you in tears. We also have amazing interviews of personal journeys, historical recounts, and success stories.

The one common denominator between all our featured guests? They are all members of our local Jewish community.

They are all Familiar Faces.

Familiar Faces is presented through the incredible support of The Asper Foundation and the Babs Asper Centre for Cultural Arts. It because of their incredible commitment to the arts during these trying times that we are able to offer this series at no cost.

Happy watching!

How to Register

Register for your free Familiar Faces Online Series Pass today by clicking here.

Rady members will need to sign in. Non-members may also register by creating a guest account. Please note when prompted to enter a zip code, input your postal code with a space in the middle.

One pass will register you for all eight exciting showcases! A secure link will be sent out via email every Wednesday morning with that week’s showcase. Once they premiere, they will remain available online for you to watch again and again!



Did you know the Jewish Post & News is Western Canada’s first and oldest Anglo-Jewish newspaper, so described because its language was English rather than Yiddish? Owner, editor, and publisher Bernie Bellan takes you on a historical retrospective from the paper’s 1925 founding by Ben Cohen to its purchase of the rival Western Jewish News all the way to where it is today.


Internationally renowned illusionist Brian Glow’s ultimate goal is to create the most memorable experience you have ever imagined, all from the comfort of your own home. A local Winnipegger, Brian has been creating excitement and laughter in over 45 countries. He is always in demand because he speaks the international language of fun. Prepare to be wowed and amazed!

View past performances by visiting our YouTube channel by clicking HERE