Heart Health Month – February

February is Heart Health Month, and Rady JCC will be the place to call home! To help raise awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, there are several events planned, including special classes, workout challenges and clinics going on throughout the month.

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Heart Rate Rides:

In this 45-minute group cycle class, you’ll start with some baseline calculations, to estimate your maximal heart rate, followed by various percentages and training zones, which will be integrated into your workout. The instructor will work in intervals, at various intensities, relative to your maximal heart rate. Instructors will educate you on how to estimate your maximal heart rate and on the benefits of working in different training zones.

Please bring your cell phone to class, for some brief calculations. Smart watches are highly encouraged.

Aqua Intervals:

This 45-minute aqua fit class incorporates an extra cardiovascular component, in honour of heart health month. Instructors will integrate some moderate and high intensity interval training techniques, to keep that your heart rate elevated, for a full body workout!

Advanced TRX Workshop:

In this 60-minute workshop, Daniel will teach advanced training techniques, using the TRX. The TRX is a highly versatile training tool that can be used for a full body workout and tapered to all intensity levels. In this advanced workshop, you will learn new skills, exercises, and training techniques to optimize the unique design and benefits of the TRX.

TRX classes are offered at various times throughout the week, as a part of the Rady Group Fitness Schedule. Previous TRX experience is strongly recommended. This will be both informational and a practical workout.

Trainer Talks

Heart Health – All Things Cardio

Although many of us exercise our skeletal muscles, the heart is also a muscle that should be exercised for optimal health and disease prevention. This session will focus on the importance of cardiovascular fitness and will include practical tips to improve your cardiovascular training.

Pranayama Breath Workshop


Join Evan for a 75 minute workshop exploring the world of yoga through the lens of pranayama – ancient yogic breathing techniques used to reestablish mind-body connection, relieve stress, influence our moods, and go deeper in our meditation.


According to research, pranayama can promote relaxation and mindfulness. It also supports multiple aspects of physical health, including lung function, blood pressure, and brain function.

“Prana” means “breath” or “life force.” “Yama” means “control.” Therefore pranayama means “controlling the breath or life force”.

Pranayama is the fourth stage of Patanjali’s 8-Limbed (or Ashtanga) approach to yoga. The full ladder being: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. Many yoga practitioners are already familiar with the third stage: Asana, the physical practice. This workshop is a bridge to experiencing the next level, a world of yoga that is more subtle, more inward, and more intuitive.


What to expect

  • Become more efficient breathers using the techniques of yogic breathing
  • Bandhas (locks) and how to apply them
  • How to apply these breathing techniques in the physical asana practice


How to prepare

  • Empty stomach! (Have at least a 2 hour break in between your last light meal and class time. This makes a significant difference in capacity to practice.)
  • Wear comfortable/regular yoga clothes
  • Bring socks and a sweater to stay warm + a shawl/thin fleece/wool blanket to stay warm. (optional)
  • A meditation cushion or your own blocks (some blocks available)
  • A water bottle


Take the opportunity this long weekend for an extra cardio workout to celebrate heart health! Zumba is a cardio workout to the latest Latin beats, this class is as much a party as it is a workout!