Harry Warren Open Pickleball Tournament

2019 Harry Warren Open Pickleball Tournament

8 courts

Events # of players# of Teams

Men’s  Doubles  – 16 players, 8 teams

Women’s Doubles – 16 players, 8 teams

Mixed Doubles – 32 players, 16 teams

Tournament Details

Date: Sunday March 31, 2019

Time: 9 am –  5 pm

Location: Rady JCC 123 Doncaster St

Events: Men’s  Womens, Mixed Doubles (all Open category)

Mens/Womens Events (9 am –  12:30 pm)

  • Round Robin or Modified Round Robin (2 groups of 4), depending on the number of entries
  • 1 game to 11, win by one
  • Based on round robin results, teams will be seeded in Group A or B for playoffs
  • Playoffs to be single elimination, 1 game to 15 or best of three to 9 (to be determined by time)
  • A side and B side Winner and Runner up

Mixed Doubles (1 pm – 5 pm)

  • Seeded Modified Round Robin (4 groups of 4 teams, 3 games)
  • 1 game to 11, win by one
  • Based on Round Robin results, teams will be seeded into two groups for playoffs: Group A seeds 1-8, Group B seeds 9-16
  • Playoffs single elimination format featuring 1 game to 15 or best of three to 9 (to be determined by time)

Ball type: Orange Onix Indoor Fuse

Rules: IFP rules apply

Tournament Rules:

  • Players to submit names of their partner(s) upon registration. Organizers will do their best to match single entrants with a partner but, depending on the number of entries, cannot guarantee one. When deciding teams, please keep in mind that this is a FUN tournament. While we  strive to have competitive games, we want all players regardless of ability to have an enjoyable experience. Stacking of teams is strongly discouraged.
  • Draws will be announced prior to start of tournament.
  • Round Robin games to be played to 11 points, win by 1. Playoffs will be 1 game to 15, win by 1. Depending on time Finals may be 1 game to 15, win by 1 or best of 3 to 11, win by 1.
  • After game one player from each team to report scores.
  • No re-serve for missed shots due to proximity of the court dividers. Court dividers to be removed during playoffs and finals.
  • There will be no referees. Line calls are on the honor system during round robin. Efforts will be made to provide volunteer line judges for playoffs and finals. Disputes that cannot be decided on court will be referred to the tournament administrator or designate.
  • Winner of coin toss has first choice of side OR whether to serve/receive.
  • Court announcer to notify teams which are on deck, and what court teams will play on. To ensure the tournament runs smoothly, both players on each team must be ready to play upon announcement of open court. Failure to report to the start of a match within 5 min of announcement may result in forfeit loss for the offending team.

Awards (certificates, prizes TBD) to winners

Court dividers for round robin play, remove for playoffs

Coin toss to decide serve and side

Playoff rankings determinants: 1) total wins 2) Winner of head to head 3) Total points 4) Coin toss

Registration: Click HERE to register online, by phone at (204)477-7510 or in person at the Rady JCC (123 Doncaster St)

Refund Policy: full -20% by Mar.22; no refunds after Mar.22 (exceptions considered for medical/emergency situations)

Deadline to Register Friday March 22

Snacks provided, water fountains on site

Non sanctioned event, membership to MB Pickleball not required