For Seniors

Be Active, Stay Connected.

At Rady JCC, Seniors provide an important link with the past, helping remind us about our traditions and our history.

Come out and share your experience with the community and have a little fun while you are here! Connect with other Seniors by taking part in educational, cultural, and spiritual programs. If it is  leisure activities you are after, why not volunteer with the Intergenerational Project through the Kaufman Child Care Centre, or take part in one of our weekly bridge and mah-jongg classes? All this, and so much more!

Active Living for Older Adults

Get moving in one of our exercise classes for Older Adults, including Aqua Fitness, Healing Yoga, Simple Pilates, Gotta Move, Gotta Dance, Tai Chi and more! Enjoy a Rady Wellness Series session or join our Stay Young Club and enhance your quality of life while sharing the experience with others. Engage your mind, body and spirit at the Rady JCC.
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Personal Trainers

Did you know we have trainers who specialize in fitness for older adults? Have a program tailored just for you and your unique needs.
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Stay Young Club

Age is just a number isn’t it? Come out for Stay Young Club, a program that will help you feel youthful and active, whatever your age! Designed to enhance the quality of life and provide opportunities for maintaining wellness to the older adult through social, cultural, educational and wellness programs. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new experiences.

Volunteer Opportunities

The RadyJCC provides a number of stimulating volunteer opportunities for older adults. One such example being our Learning with the Generations project, which gives older adults of different backgrounds and experiences the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with young children in Rady JCC’s Kaufman Child Care Centre.

Music ‘N’¬†Mavens

Join us for our annual Music ‘N’ Mavens lecture and music series – a winter tradition at Rady JCC complete with great music and stimulating lectures. Music ‘N’ Mavens runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons from 2 to 3 pm at the Rady JCC.
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