8 Amazing Days Of Hanukkah – Congratulations To All Our Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners and a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us with donations and secured their Super Tickets.
All donations received through our promotion go directly to support camperships, scholarships, and community service programs for those in the community who need them most regardless of financial situation, ability, age, or cultural program.
Full tax receipts will be sent out shortly.
Stay healthy and we hope to see everyone at the Rady very soon.

Congratulations to all our winners:

Day 1Joel Lazer (Take Me Out to the Ballgame with A-Rod)
Day 2Laurel Malkin (A Cool Brees on a Warm Day)
Day 3Norm Glass (Do You Believe In Magic)
Day 4Wayne Nemy (This Is Raider Nation)
Day 5Norm Glass (Touchdown In Los Angeles)
Day 6 Dick & Joanne Rothberg (Laces Out Dan)
Day 7Dr. Rick Minuk (The Manning, the Myth, the Legend)
Day 8David Lewis (See You at the Finnish Line)