June 4, 2020

Dear Rady JCC Friends,

As you know from the messages you’ve received this week, our official countdown to reopening is on. From now until June 15, we continue to provide you with ongoing information on everything you will need to know for your eventual return. Today, we want to take you through what to expect the first time you walk through our doors and how you can properly plan for your first Rady workout experience.

In a communication earlier this week, we provided you a bullet list of various changes due to heightened safety and physical distancing measures. Now that you’ve seen that, let’s take a closer look at what to expect at our facility if you are planning your return to Rady on June 15.

Before we dive in, we remind you that we have temporary new hours of operation. We use the word ‘temporary’ here because that is what all of this is right now – temporary. As we reopen and begin pushing through these summer months, our leadership team will continue to reassess our safety practices and make adjustments to our restrictions while keeping our members’, staff, and volunteers’ health and safety top-of-mind.

We also remind you that we’ve set a temporary maximum occupancy limit of 70 persons total on our fitness floor in accordance with the official rules set forth by the provincial government. While we do not expect to hit our maximum occupancy when we reopen, if we do, you may be temporarily denied entry until a time our count drops. We ask all members to limit their workouts to 90 minutes.

Okay, so now let’s take a closer look at what your first day back at Rady will look like.

First off, there are a few things to preplan before you arrive. Both our women’s and men’s locker rooms are closed until further notice, so you will need to come dressed in your workout gear. Also, because our locker rooms are unavailable, you will not able to store your keys, wallets, cell phones, or other valuable items in them. We recommend you bring a small pouch or bag that will allow you to keep valuable items on yourself during your workout. We will have racks available for your outdoor shoes, jackets, and other larger items once you swipe your membership card into our facility.

Because our locker rooms are closed, please also be aware that showers will not be available. This is important to note if you are planning to head straight to your office or somewhere else where a sweaty t-shirt or a pair of shorts may not be appropriate. The only exception here is for people who are using our aquatic facility. For those individuals, our family change rooms are exclusively available for changing and are limited to 6 individuals’ maximum at a time. We will have a subsequent communication focussing on our aquatic facility rules and classes in the coming days.

So, now that you’ve properly preplanned, you are ready for your Rady homecoming. When you first arrive at our sports desk, before you swipe your card, you will be asked health questions and screened for Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms. Your temperature will also be taken with a non-contact temperature gun. We will deny entry to anyone who has shown symptoms in the last 14 days.

Once you swipe in, you will be required to use the hand sanitizer available at one of our hand sanitizing stations and then be able to head right upstairs to our fitness floor if you’ve come to work out. We ask that you be mindful of the directional arrows on the ground when navigating the stairs and the fitness floor. We have also blocked off certain machines to help with physical distancing and request that you adhere to the various signage you will see on them.

There will be additional disinfectant sprays and wipes available for you to use while on the fitness floor. Members are required to spray and wipe down any machines or weights both before and after use. We will also note that personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are not a requirement, but please feel free to wear them should you wish.

Upon finishing your workout, we ask that you exit our facility once more adhering to the directional arrows on the ground.

And that’s it – a picture of what to expect your first day back at Rady. Again, please remember that all of these temporary changes have been made in accordance with the rules set forth by the provincial government as well as with your health and safety in the forefront. As things may change once we reopen our doors, we ask that you have patience with our staff, volunteers, and fellow members as we all walk together through them on June 15.

We are excited to see you soon.

Warm regards,

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s communication: ‘COUNTDOWN TO RADY REOPENING – What’s the Story with Rady Fitness Classes?’