Rady JCC Pauses to Remember on Yom Hashoah

April 21, 2020

Dear Rady JCC Friends,

Everything is seen in a matter of perspectives. While we all live through this ongoing pandemic, many of us feel like prisoners in our own homes. We are unable to go out, to visit loved ones, to go on with our normal lives. We feel helpless, stuck, with no end in sight.

But, in reality, we are not prisoners. We are able to pick up the phone and call our families and friends, to connect, and to let each other know we care.

There will be an end to this pandemic. From right now’s perspective, it may not seem like that. However, it is true. And while we do our part in flattening the curve by practicing physical distancing, we have our freedom; something millions of Jews during the Holocaust did not have.

Today is Yom Hashoah. It is a day to remember the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust, a time when far too many of our own were taken from us.

Here in Winnipeg, all local in-person commemorations have been cancelled due to the pandemic. While we cannot gather together, we can certainly remember together. We can share our thoughts on what never to forget about the horrors of the Holocaust. We can honour those lost by saying their names aloud.

And by doing this, the situation we are living in today will be put into perspective.

Kind regards,

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director
Rady JCC

Rady JCC staff demonstrating our collective commitment to learn from history’s mistakes and never forget the horrors of the Holocaust.