10 Hamantaschen Recipes (that’ll make your mouth water)

March 9, 2016

Posted with permission from the JCC Association of North America

On Purim, we dress up, play games and read from the Megillah to recount the story of Mordechai and his niece, Queen Esther, and their courage in the face of evil Haman. We cheer Mordechai and Esther, who saved the Jewish people from Haman’s plot to kill them.

And we also eat hamantaschen, the three-cornered pastries meant to mimic the three cornered hat that Haman wore. Traditionally, these triangular treats are made with fruit or poppy seed fillings, but bakers have gotten a lot more creative in recent years.

We rounded up 10 hamantaschen recipes for you to try on Purim this year:


1. Black and White Cookie Hamantaschen

2. Red Velvet Hamantaschen

3. Canoli Hamantaschen

4. Nutella Hamantaschen

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Hamantaschen


1. Taco Hamantaschen

2. Cheddar Biscuit Hamantaschen

3. Corn Dog Hamantaschen

4. Thanksgiving Turkey and Squash Hamantaschen

5. BBQ Brisket Hamantaschen