Introducing ALL NEW Mamanet This Fall

August 17, 2015

Rady JCC is pleased to present Mamanet, beginning this October.

Registration opens Aug. 18 for members (Aug. 25 for non-members). Interested women are encouraged to round up teammates of their own and contact Boris Bursak at 204-477-7540 to get on the early bird list.

Mamanet at Rady JCC is inspired by the Israeli Mamanet League, which is the largest social-sport specifically for women in Israel.

Mamanet allows adult women to relive their younger days as athletes, or experience being part of a sports league once again, socializing with other women their age.

Mamanet is based on the rules of volleyball with one fundamental difference – the ball can be caught and passed along instead of having to be hit each time.
Watch a league game demonstration below.