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Our personal trainers are certified by governing bodies and cater to your specialized needs and abilities. Whether you prefer individualized training or would rather train with a partner, we have a program and personal trainer for you!

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Claudia Chernitsky

School: B.A. in Performing Arts (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Post Graduate Courses in Gerontology and Body Techniques for Therapeutic Purposes (FLACSO, Mexico)
Credentials: Older Adults, MFC Resistance Training & Group Training
Specialties: Stott Pilates, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Injuries and Special Populations, Wellness Programs, Fluent in Spanish

Lori Derraugh

Lori Derraugh

School: University of Manitoba Bachelor of Physical Education
Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NCCP Level 3 Speed Skating Coach, Standard First Aid, CPR and AED
Specialties: Speed skating, Older Adults Cardiovascular conditioning – running, Core conditioning, Total body fitness


Ellina Domnidou

School: University of Winnipeg BSc. of Kinesiology, Exercise Science
Credentials: Precision Nutrition Certified (PN1), CSEP – CPT (In Progress), Professional Volleyball Background
Specialties: Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Performance, Weight Loss


Alex Frunze

School:  Masters in Phys. Ed, CMS of Powerlifting, MS of Bodybuilding, MITT College Medical Assistant
Credentials: Overall Champion, Open Championship Ukraine Bodybuilding 2005,  Overall Champion, Odessa Open Championship Powerlifting 2004, CPR & AED
Specialties: Sport Specific, Weight Loss, Functional Training, Powerlifting, Strength & Agility, Resistance Training


Morrisa Klein

School: University of Winnipeg (Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science / specialization in Psychology)
Credentials: CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist, MFC- Resistance Training, Standard First Aid & CPR level C
Specialties: Exercise counselling for success, personal & group training for overall health and fitness, flexibility training, weight loss, chidlren & teen fitness


Max Krevitsky

Max Kretskiy

School: CanFitPro MFC
Credentials: MFC Certified Fitness Leader – Resistance Training, MFC Certified Fitness Leader – Group Training, CanFitPro: Personal Training Specialist, Standard First Aid CPR & AED, MFC Aqua Fitness
Specialties: General Fitness, Personal Training, Weight Loss

Alex Ovnapou

School: Phys. Ed – Olympic Reserve College (Russia)
Credentials: Head coach & Founder “CrossFit Fervent” Ltd, Personal trainer, Precision Nutriton PN1 (In progress), Special forces physical instructor (I.D.F/M.O.D Israel), Former competitive wrestler
Specialties: wellness and overall health, Weight loss, Mobility, Functional training, Military fitness, Strength and conditioning

Michelle Reinheimer

School: University of Winnipeg, CAT-C
Credentials: BAsc Exercise Science, Athletic Therapy, Yoga Instructor, Resistance Trainer, Canadian Red Cross First Responder & CPR/AED Level HCP
Specialties: Prevention & Rehabilitation of Injuries, Rehabilitation Classes for Hip/Knee Replacements, Care and Treatment of Athletes at Sporting Events, Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga for those with reduced movement abilities, Yoga Fit, Circuit Training, Group Cardio Classes, Group Resistance Training Classes.

Maria Rocha

School: Concordia University – B.A., University of Manitoba – Research Masters in Kinesiology and Recreational Management
Credentials: CPT-NASM & Yoga Fit Level 1
Specialties: Women’s Fitness, Core Training & Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance


Kevin Roy

Kevin Roy

School: University of Winnipeg B.A. Kinesiology and Applied Health
Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), MFC – Resistance Training, NCCP Level 2, Standard First Aid, CPR
Specialties: Sport Specific Training, Core /balance Conditioning, Circuit Training, Weight Loss, Functional training



Kevin Saunders

School: University of Manitoba B.A. of Exercise and Sport Science
Credentials: CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, P.A.C.E. program instructor, TRX Group Training, MFC Aqua Fitness, Standard First Aid, CPR and AED
Specialties: Older Adult Balance Training & Osteoporosis, Health Management and/or Medical, Fitness Assessments, Water Training, Running and/or Endurance Training




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