Fitness Clinics

Join Rady Fitness Instructors each month for complimentary clinics geared toward a variety of fitness goals! Learn how you can get more out of your workouts and see lasting results. Keep an eye on our e-newsletter for exact dates and times each month.

September: Kinesis

This new piece of equipment can offer a full body workout with minimal setup. It is gentle on the joints and emphasizes functional training, core stability and developing movement patterns. This clinic includes a full body strength routine on the kinesis!

October: Balance

Falls are a critical concern with age, and balance training is often overlooked in fitness programs. This clinic includes a variety of balance exercises for all ages and fitness levels.

November: Happy Hips

Tight hips are a common problem as a result of too much sitting. This month’s clinic focuses on the importance of hip mobility. We will review exercises that open up the hips and strengthen the opposing muscles.

December: H.I.I.T

High Intensity Interval Training is both effective and efficient for weight loss. This month, learn how H.I.I.T. workouts can be done both for cardiovascular and strength benefits, using a variety of equipment.

January: Posture Clinic

Poor posture is a common concern and can have many negative effects. This clinic provides you with posture correcting exercises that open up the chest and strengthen the opposing muscles to keep your posture strong.

February: Core Strength

Our core is the foundation of nearly all movement. Maintaining a strong core can help reduce low back pain, improve posture and aid in lifting technique. This month we will provide you with a core workout that encompasses all major muscles of this region and can be modified to challenge all levels of fitness.

March: Shoulder Health

The anatomy of our shoulders makes it a susceptible place for injury. In this clinic, learn how to build strong healthy shoulders by focusing on mobility and strength to reduce the risk of injury.